REAC Property Consultants, LLC is not approved or endorsed in any way by HUD or REAC and does not have HUD/REAC staff.

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Taking the Stress Out of Distressed!

We specialize in properties that have failed one or more REAC Inspections.  We focus your resources so you are not spending money on low priority repairs at the expense of high point low cost repairs.

We develop a REAC1 Plan of Action.  The Plan may include a Pre-REAC inspection and or repairing none, some or all of the deficiencies depending on your needs, capabilities and budget.  We provide construction services BELOW local contractor rates.

We risk a good percentage of our fees on your success including doing your appeal for free if you didn't get the target score.  We know your needs from not just being in business for many years but because it is much more than a job we are not happy unless you are.  

Our well-vetted well-equipped teams of REAC Defect Repair Specialists are located in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, New York City, and Florida. They can be at your location with short notice and will stay until the job is done and done right.  We carry the proper insurance, respect your property, and with a minimum disruption to your residents' comfort.

Our personal service, competitive prices, overall value, and Code of Ethics are why our customers won't go anywhere else.

REAC Property Consultants, LLC is not approved or endorsed in any way by HUD or REAC and does not have HUD/REAC staff.

REAC Compilation Bulletin Rapid 4.0 Version 3, October 2, 2017 

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REAC Inspection Revised Rules Training Webinar October 26, 2017 

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REAC has made important changes to the physical inspection protocol. To learn about the changes, and more order my book REAC Inspections Achieving Success Without Breaking the Bank.

But you can quell your fears with a thorough understanding of the inspection process, what inspectors are looking for, and what defects will cost you the most points. Gain these insights—and more—in The REAC Inspection Handbook, a special report brought to you by REAC inspections expert Hank Vanderbeek and editorial staff of Assisted Housing Alert.


Additional Webinars. For the entire selection visit AudtioSolutionz

REAC Impossible I: Inspection Fundamentals (2015 Edition)

This is a 60-minute audio session in which Hank Vanderbeek, reveals the key elements of the REAC process, the most important inspection items, and the intricacies of tallying a REAC score.

It’s more important than ever that all housing industry professionals—from the owner on down to the site manager—be well prepared to meet inspectors’ expectations.

REAC’s mission (and why it inspects a sample of units, not 100%)
Inspector rules of conduct
REAC scoring structure
Best practices for preparing for the inspection
How to cut preparation costs and still earn a top score>
How to deal with rogue inspectors

REAC Impossible II: Defect Interpretation & Scoring (2015 Edition)

Uncover The Secrets To REAC Scoring—And The Most Important Inspection Items

This is a 60-minute audio session in which Hank Vanderbeek, reveals the key elements of the REAC process, the most important inspection items, and the intricacies of tallying a REAC score.

It is possible to prepare for your next REAC inspection without breaking the bank. But not without a thorough understanding of the REAC scoring process—and how best to focus your scarce resources.

Part II of our popular two-part series will reveal:

  • The REAC scoring methodology
  • Which deficiencies REAC inspectors are really looking for
  • Your rights in a REAC Inspection
  • Why your property’s grounds are crucial to a good score
  • Which health & safety defects can tank your score
  • How to gain control of your inspection

REAC - Your Right To An Appeal

7 Secrets To Winning A Top Score, Even Post-Inspection

This is a  90-minute audio session in which Hank Vanderbeek, reveals the insider knowledge you need to achieve results through the REAC appeal process.

No matter how well you prepare for your next REAC inspection, mistakes do happen. It’s possible that inspectors will overstate a deficiency, overlook a repair, or make other errors that bring down your score. But you can do something about it. Join us to learn how REAC tallies a score and the critical information you must provide to appeal an incorrect score for both appeal types: (1) Technical Reviews and (2) Database adjustments.

Part III of our popular four-part REAC inspection series will teach you to:

  • Know your appeals rights & the submission procedure
  • Know what items may/may not be appealed
  • Understand the new REAC Inspection Report under Version 4.0
  • Evaluate acceptable evidence
  • Calculate points back
  • Submit a pre-REAC inspection appeal
  • Write a winning appeal

REAC - A Maintenance Plan

This is a 60 minute audio session in which Hank Vanderbeek reveals the key elements of a REAC successful maintenance plan - the kind of prep that earns you top scores.  By examining high-impact and low-impact defects, you will learn where to spend precious time and money to address important inspection items.

This strategy session will teach you:

  • How to establish an effective maintenance program
  • What maintenance items are the most important
  • The ins and outs of work order systems
  • When to start repairs and for which items
  • The dos and don't of a modernization project
  • Why the grounds are so important to a good score
  • The new elevator inspection policy
  • HUD bed bug policy and procedures

REAC1 Services:

  • Pre-REAC Inspections
  • REAC Construction and Repairs
  • REAC Score Appeal
  • REAC Training  


  • Licensed NH & MA Home Inspector
  • HUD REAC Inspector (former)
  • Certified Master Inspector
  • Certified NIFAST Fire Safety Home 
  • Certified Mold Investigator
  • InterNACHI Member
  • Thousands of Property Inspections
  • Over 25 years Federal Auditing
  • Fully Insured
  • Masters Degree

You can find great local Bedford, NH real estate information on Hank Vanderbeek is a proud member of the ActiveRain Real Estate Network.
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