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Taking the Stress Out of Distressed!

Appeals starting at $275.  We specialize in properties that have failed one or more REAC Inspections.  We focus your resources so you are not spending money on low priority repairs at the expense of high point low cost repairs.

We develop a REAC1 Plan of Action.  The Plan may include a Pre-REAC inspection and or repairing none, some or all of the deficiencies depending on your needs, capabilities and budget.  We provide construction services BELOW local contractor rates.

We risk a good percentage of our fees on your success including doing your appeal for free if you didn't get the target score.  We know your needs from not just being in business for many years but because it is much more than a job we are not happy unless you are.  

Our well-vetted well-equipped teams of Pre-REAC Defect Repair Specialists are located in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, New York City, and Florida. They can be at your location with short notice and will stay until the job is done and done right.  We carry the proper insurance, respect your property, and with a minimum disruption to your residents' comfort.

Our personal service, competitive prices, overall value, and Code of Ethics are why our customers won't go anywhere else.

REAC Property Consultants, LLC is not a Government Agency.

Repairs & Construction

603-867-7322 (REAC)

Our REAC trained construction technicians can be mobilized on 14-day notice to most parts of the US.  We guarantee that you will do well on the next REAC inspection if you let us remediate the REAC defects.   

Call us when you get within 4 months of your last REAC inspection up until you get a notice that your inspection will be in 14 days.  We can also schedule yearly REAC Inspections and maintenance.  

NIS Good Repair

Our construction / repair work is not intended to bring the deficient items to like new status; rather we bring the condition of the property to “good repair” satisfying HUD REAC's new Industry Repair Standards.  This assures you that we are not repairing items unecessarily nor doing more than requied under HUD rules, thus saving you scarce dollars.

Low Cost

We provide estimates.  You'll be surprised that our costs are not only lower than if you did the work inhouse or you hired non-REAC experienced local contractors, but you would be hiring a contractor that knows exactly what and how to repair REAC defective items.  

We focus only on defects identified in past REC Inspections and our own Pre-REAC Inspection.  Our Pre-REAC Inspections are conducted by current and former Certified REAC Inspectors.  And we repair / correct only REAC deficiencies so that you do not spend more than necessary. 

Train and Assist

We have mobile maintenance technicians that are specially trained to identify and repair HUD REAC deficiencies.  REAC1 can train and assist your maintenance staff in repairing the defects, or depending on their daily work order load and staffing levels REAC1 can do the necessary construction work to repair some or all of the deficiencies.

Site - Buildings - Common Areas - Units - Systems

We repair Level 1, 2 & 3 REAC Uniform Property Condition Standard deficiencies on the Site/Grounds, Buildings, Common Areas, Units and Systems.  We provide all labor, and equipment and services necessary to correct the identified deficiencies.

We will address REAC-mandated erosion issues, overgrown vegetation, repair trip hazards at and around the building and grounds. Many typical and reoccurring conditions that would negatively affect the inspection score include:

  • Walkways/Roads/Driveways – Asphalt and concrete property maintained and owned walkways, roads and parking lots with cracks greater than the ¾”, heaving, loose material, and failed will be repaired.
  • Trip Hazards – Any physical defect that poses a tripping risk, by HUDs Standards, generally in walkways or other traveled areas will be eliminated.
  • Fencing – Damaged fences will be repaired, leaning poles straightened, damaged or missing fabric restored.
  • Vegetation – Vegetation touching and growing in and on unintended areas/surfaces will be cut trimmed and/or removed.
  • Graffiti - Any graffiti on walls, fences and other areas will be mitigated to HUDs Standards; visible to less than 30 feet.
  • Retaining Walls – Repair minor damage to retaining walls.
  • Stairs/Handrails – Any safety risk and damage as defined by REAC will be repaired.
Building Exteriors

We resolve building exterior issues not addressed by the Owner/Management Agent, or their vendors.  We address exterior wall conditions inside the allowable HUD Standard, including but limited to:
  • Wall Surface - Re-mortaring brickwork, spalling, filling cracks, etc. that HUD counts as a significant defect.
  • Drainage - Gutter/downspout repair/replacement.
  • Windows - Repairing or modifying existing masonry windows and window wells.
  • Roofs – Minor repairs to drains, parapet walls, flashing, membrane tears and missing shingles, and shifted ballasts.
Common Areas

We prep all common use areas including retail space, mechanical rooms, storage rooms, utility rooms, bathrooms, community rooms, basements, garage for the REAC inspection.  Prep includes, but is not limited to damaged walls, windows, lights, damaged hand rails, stairs, auxiliary lighting, exit signs, ceilings, doors and floors.  In general, daylight shows through one or more seals.  These doors will be adjusted and damaged hardware and surfaces repaired where needed.

We make all units presentable for the REAC Inspection.  We will conduct a comprehensive, sweep of all significant REAC deficiencies in the units, paying particular attention to mold, evidence of infestation, inoperable GFIs, and HVAC and electrical safety concerns.

Owners/Agents address Level 1 defects, blocked egresses caused by residents’ furniture, belongings, appliances, or clutter, smoke detectors, and thermo window pane seals that have failed unless otherwise agreed to by Owners/Agents.


We address system electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and HVAC issues such as, but not limited to:
  • Removing electrical hazards, such as, securing exposed wires and eliminating holes in electrical boxes and panels.
  • Replacing caps and covers on plumbing cleanouts and floor drains, repairing leaks, eliminating drain clogs.
  • Removing rust, pitting & corrosion on HVAC system components.
  • Repairing out of HUD Standard safety equipment on boilers and hot water appliances and other HVAC equipment, such as hazardous flues and venting equipment.
  • Mitigating issues with fire extinguishers, fire hoses and fire suppression equipment, such as, painted and damaged sprinkler heads, and missing damaged expired fire extinguishers.
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