Free Consultation

Free Consultation

REAC Property Consultants, LLC can help you with your appeal of an unacceptable REAC score. We have the experience necessary to identify mistakes by the REAC Inspector during the inspection process. We have been successful in obtaining appeals score reversals enough for a passing grade or high to avoid another inspection for two to three years and starting as low $275.

A True Story

I recently consulted for a property who had failed a prior inspection with a 54. The inspector had identified this condition as Cracks and Gaps, Level 3. It carried a deduction of 10.7 points. A caulk and mortar defect could have only been Level 2. The scoring value would have been 3.2 - a difference of 7.5 points - enough to make the difference between passing and failing.

The inspector also identified (without a tape measure) a too short water heater pressure valve leg which cost the property 10 points. After the inspection, the property measured the drip leg and it was within 18 inches of the floor - not 17 inches. This was a 10-point defect, which means they potentially lost almost 17.5 points on just two careless deficiency calls.

REAC Property Consultants, LLC

This property once had a 100 a few years ago. HUD did not bother to investigate how the score dropped so much, they referred this property straight to enforcement and the large company that owns it now has a 2530 flag that has interrupted their acquisitions and sales of two properties and cost them dearly.

Since they had never failed an inspection, they were AFRAID to appeal. They did not want to rock the boat.

REAC Property Consultants, LLC

Learn About REAC Appeals

There are two types of appeals: a Technical Review and a Database Adjustment. Watch a 12 min video Database Adjustments. Watch a 10 min video Technical Reviews.


There is no charge to determine if REAC made mistakes and the potential increased score is sufficiently beneficial to you. We would be more than happy to discuss your situation to determine the best course of action; an abbreviated appeal, no appeal, appeals or an on-site visit. 

We have over 30 years of working for and with the US Government. We know how the system works and what it takes to be successful. 

REAC Property Consultants, LLC
REAC Property Consultants, LLC

We Draft You Sign Appeal

REAC1 writes the draft of your appeals. We use the applicable Federal regulations, guidelines, and another precedent to analyse the REAC Report deficiencies. We also identify what supporting documents, such as letters from the Fire Chief, Police Department, structural engineer, etc. you will need to support the appealed items. 

While our appeals have been very successful, every appeal is unique and requires special attention. What we will not do is recommend an appeal if we believe that an appeal cannot be won. We will write the best possible arguments to give you the best chance of winning.