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REAC Training

REAC Training

REAC Impossible 2020, Part I, 1 hour, March 5, 2020

This is one of four parts that covers the overall REAC mission and Goal, REAC Inspector Code of Conduct, REAC Inspection Protocol, top REAC Deficiencies, and defect Scoring Overview. The theme of part I is to impart sufficient understanding of the overall process. Thus the learner will to be able to prioritize scarce resources in a time when housing is in short supply exacerbated by a lack of capital funds for maintenance and repairs.

Time and again a basic understanding of the major defects as defined by point values is the key to doing well on REAC inspections without breaking the budget. You will be able to save the property money at the same time mitigating high point defects. REAC Inspectors misapply the rules, so it is important to understand what they are looking for and the best way to avoid costly defects.

The webinar will emphasize high point unit defect identification and how the points are calculated. It will demonstrate how to prioritize unit repairs. Some of the defects to be addressed including when to remove doors, garbage disposals, sink sprayers, bath heaters, and screen doors. The course will include a unit defect NEVER MISS check list with associated point values. We will discuss how a misapplied sink stopper rule can cost a property 15 points. We will also address single versus multi building effect on point values.

Additionally, the session will cover Inspector Code of Conduct, an issue with a lot of properties. We will discuss how a REAC Inspector is expected to conduct themselves and the steps that can be taken for unprofessional conduct.

REAC Impossible 2020, Part II, 1 hour, June 4, 2020

The Part II session theme is sound planning & UPCS rules familiarity equals high reac scores. It will include planning for and experiencing a REAC Inspection including how inspectors are chosen and assigned inspections, supervision, role of supervisors, inspector’s responsibilities (business rules). You’ll learn what paperwork needed for an inspection, cancelling/postponing an inspection, effect of in process repair work.
Also covered will choosing units/buildings for inspections, uninspectable units, the right and wrong way to escort an inspector, what happened after the inspection, when a score is issued, 20 point rule, appealing for a reinspection.
The course will delve into REAC UPCS Compliance rules including the Federal Register, the Dictionary of deficiency Definitions, the Comp Bulletin, miscellaneous guidelines unpublished and published, etc
High point site defects mean starting with an 85 REAC. So the Site defects will be a focus of the training. Defect and points analysis are also emphasized. Case studies are used to illustrate how site rules are interpreted and applied.

REAC Impossible 2020, Part III, 1 hour, September 3, 2020

Fire Protection is the Part III theme. One sprinkler head can cost a property 10 points and several can cost up to 17 points. Yes, one sprinkler head with a loose escutcheon, rust, a blockage out of a building with hundreds of sprinkler heads can cost a property 10 points and all because the fire servicing company did not do its job competently or with REAC in mind when it did its annual inspection. There are new rules regarding both sprinklers and other fire safety controls.
The session will discuss sprinkler types, function, defects, cleaning versus replacing, scoring, fire extinguisher types and function, defects, storing, scoring, fire hoses, defects, scoring, smoke detector types, scoring.
Case studies are used to illustrate how site rules are interpreted and applied. The session will also cover how to correctly appeal fire safety defects.

REAC Impossible 2020, Part IV, 1 hour, December 3, 2020

The Part IV theme is a study of UPCS troublesome & NIS defects. It goes into detail about REAC Inspectors’ difficulty with applying troublesome and NIS defects. The session includes the REAC Impossible 15 most misapplied defects. It includes several case studies including roof ballast defect misapplication, loose toilets, call-for-aides.
The NIS (Non-Industry Repairs) rules have blown up Inspection Standards. We will take a look at the NIS Rules, subjectivity, authority, confusion, as it relates to building exteriors (walls, foundations, gutters), how Inspectors make false statements to record NIS defects.
Health & Safety is most important to HUD. Discussed will be Exigent H&S defects and analysis, why electric is misunderstood by REAC, and case studies will be included on garbage disposal electrical hazard appeal, sewer and drain covers – BIG points! And damaged drain covers appeal will be covered.

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You may have been a big proponent of having a Pre-REAC consultant come in and inspect the property, but not all properties can afford that luxury. And they don’t know all there is to know. Having this up-to-date book as a resource guide, you know MORE than the inspector and you can self-inspect your properties. Thus saving lots of money! As a visual Learner, this book makes your job easier as there are lots of pictures, and for most, pictures tell the story. It is current! The rules and guidelines are cross-referenced. And best of all, if the book is available in both softcover and Kindle - phone or laptop with the kindle book at your fingertips whenever and wherever. This is a great book! It will make your Pre-REAC preparation a no brainer! Shipping included in price. Contract us directly for special pricing if you need more than 5 copies.

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