by Hank Vanderbeek 

You may have been a big proponent of having a Pre-REAC consultant come in and inspect the property, but not all properties can afford that luxury. And they don’t know all there is to know. Having this up-to-date book as a resource guide, you know MORE than the inspector and you can self-inspect your properties. Thus saving lots of money! As a visual Learner, this book makes your job easier as there are lots of pictures, and for most, pictures tell the story. It is current! The rules and guidelines are cross-referenced. And best of all, if the book is available in both softcover and Kindle - phone or laptop with the kindle book at your fingertips whenever and wherever. This is a great book! It will make your Pre-REAC preparation a no brainer! Shipping included in price. Contract us directly for special pricing if you need more than 5 copies.


REAC Training

The webinar theme is the state of the planned NSPIRE Inspection Standards, is it good for you! And REAC UPCS rule changes and interpretations effective in 2020, especially NIS. REAC is constantly changing Non-Industry Standards (NIS), do not be caught unaware! The NIS rules have blown up Inspection Standards. We will take a look at the most current NIS Rules interpretations.
  • Webinar Highlights
  • What are the important deficiencies?
  • How to prioritize defects
  • Defect Scoring Overview
  • Single versus multi-building effect on point values
  • What are the higher point value deficiencies?
  • What makes up a maintenance plan
  • The Federal Register
  • The Dictionary
  • The Comp Bulletin
  • Memoranda on failed inspections, etc
  • QA Conference Calls
  • REAC Inspectors Dot Org
  • REAC Training
  • Consultants’ Training
  • Inspection Training
  • High point defect identification
  • How to prioritize unit repairs pertaining to Fire Safety?
  • Safety with a focus on electrical defects
  • Industry Standard Repair examples
  • How to prepare fire extinguishers and fire hose for a REAC inspection
  • How a defect is scored for smoke detectors
  • Downspouts will be discussed in detail
  • How to identify NIS repairs
  • How to prepare for an inspection to “please” the inspector

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